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Abu Dhabi Further Develops Healthtech Sector

Abu Dhabi, recognised for its burgeoning tech ecosystem, is taking robust strides in the healthtech realm. With startups harnessing the power of technology to provide innovative solutions, the emirate is firmly positioning itself as a global hub for healthtech innovation. Here, we delve into the transformative journeys of three pioneering healthtech entities carving out a niche in Abu Dhabi’s ever-evolving health landscape.

Alma Health: Empowering Chronic Care Patients in a Digital Era 

Breaking the barriers of traditional healthcare, Alma Health serves as a beacon for those grappling with chronic conditions. With its digital health platform, the company transforms the tedious medical journey into a streamlined process, right from digital consultations to doorstep medication delivery. Their unique value proposition of intertwining healthcare and technology ensures that the needs of patients and caregivers are always prioritised. A mere three years post its inception in 2020, Alma Health’s vision and potential attracted a significant $10m Series A funding in March 2023, further bolstering its mission of providing efficient, tailored health solutions.

G42 Healthcare: Charting the Future with AI-Driven Solutions 

Redefining the paradigms of healthcare, G42 Healthcare’s mission lies in integrating AI and advanced technologies into the fabric of medical services. With its ambitious endeavours, from setting up a state-of-the-art COVID-19 laboratory to trailblazing the race for a potent vaccine, G42 Healthcare’s impact is palpable. Their commitment to shaping a health-forward future resonates with their collaborations spanning governments, researchers, and global medical entities. Their unwavering emphasis on preventive and personalised care positions them as a stalwart in the global healthtech arena.

Onex: Bridging Medical Manufacturers and Global Markets 

In an increasingly globalised world, Onex emerges as a linchpin for medical manufacturers aspiring for international reach. Their unique value proposition lies in seamlessly connecting manufacturers with pertinent distributors across diverse geographies. With a slew of offerings, from market insights to regulatory support, Onex paves the way for medical entities to transcend borders. Their centralised dashboard offers manufacturers a real-time pulse of their global expansion endeavours. A mere two years since its foundation in 2021, Onex’s promise of risk-free, global scalability resonated with investors, evident in its $1.2m funding in May 2023.

In the grand tapestry of Abu Dhabi’s healthtech landscape, these startups emerge as luminaries, each illuminating a unique facet of healthcare. As they push boundaries and redefine norms, they epitomise the spirit of innovation that Abu Dhabi is becoming synonymous with. The future of healthcare, it appears, is not just digital – it’s Abu Dhabian.

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