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Agri-Drones 2.0: Surveillance and Crop Spraying

By David Armaah

In the realm of modern agriculture, technology continues to revolutionise traditional practices, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Among the most transformative innovations are Agri-Drones; which integrate surveillance with precision crop spraying techniques. These advanced drones are reshaping the agricultural landscape, offering insights and increased crop yields.


Surveillance and Crop Spraying

One of the most notable features of Agri-Drones is their surveillance capabilities. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, multispectral imaging, and advanced sensors, these drones provide farmers with detailed, real-time data about their crops’ health, moisture levels, and nutrient requirements. This data-driven approach allows for proactive decision-making, enabling farmers to detect issues such as pest infestations, nutrient deficiencies, or diseases at an early stage, thus preventing potential crop losses.

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global agricultural drone market is projected to reach $5.7 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.5% from 2020 to 2025. This significant growth is indicative of the widespread adoption of drone technology in agriculture, driven by its ability to enhance productivity and sustainability.

In addition to surveillance, Agri-Drones excel in precision crop spraying. Utilising advanced GPS technology and intelligent spraying systems, these drones can precisely target specific areas of a field, delivering pesticides, fertilisers, or herbicides with unprecedented accuracy. This targeted approach minimises chemical usage, reduces environmental impact, and maximises crop yields.

Companies at the ForeFront of AgriDrones:

DJI Agriculture
DJI, a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional drones, has made significant strides in the agricultural sector with its Agras series of drones. Equipped with powerful spraying systems and intelligent flight planning software, DJI Agras drones offer precise and efficient crop spraying solutions, helping farmers optimise their resources and maximise yields.

Location: Costa Rica
Co-Owner: Elemer Szalma

SeeTree offers a comprehensive suite of agricultural solutions, centered around their proprietary Agri-Drones equipped with sensors and imaging technology. These drones are capable of capturing high-resolution imagery, data, and other vital metrics essential for monitoring crop health, detecting pests and diseases, and optimising resource allocation. SeeTree flagship offering includes a ‘Tree Intelligence Platform’, a cloud-based analytics platform that processes drone-collected data to provide farmers with actionable insights and recommendations.

Location: Israel
Founder & CEO: Israel Talpaz


Rantizo is a company specialising in drone spray services, offering a range of equipment, tools, and expertise to assist growers in their agricultural operations. Their offerings include industry-leading drone hardware, regulatory management tools, productivity solutions, support and repair services, insurance options, and training programs. 

Location: USA
CEO: Mariah Scott

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