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B2B Sales Tools Help Supercharge Customer Growth

In the fast-paced and competitive world of B2B sales, businesses are continuously seeking ways to enhance their sales processes, improve productivity, and drive revenue growth. 

This has created an opportunity for innovative companies to build tools and teams to enable the management and generation of deal flows.

Across the globe startups are tackling multiple aspects of the B2B sales problem and securing their niches within the larger industry. Some of these companies include:

Scalein (Nigeria): Elevating revenue with trained sales talent

Scalein provides a platform for the recruitment and training of sales professionals. The company supports the ambitions of other businesses by providing them with trained sales teams that can help grow their revenue while also providing ongoing training to the members of a company’s existing sales team. Scalein’s process naturally abstracts away the need to recruit and vet sales professionals, which can be a time consuming process, and enables revenue officers to hit their annual targets. (Canada): Automating and optimising sales compensation

Once a company puts together a sales team, it becomes essential that the right compensation plan is designed and implemented to ensure the sales team stays productive and motivated. This is where’s software comes into play. automates the process of designing and executing a company’s sales compensation, reducing the administrative workload that it takes to manually manage sales compensation.  The software also makes sales management more data driven, enabling revenue officers to see which territories, compensation structures, and professionals are driving the most results. Also, team leaders can forecast sales numbers, model financial outcomes and compensation, and provide pay transparency to their team members.

Cadena (Abu Dhabi): AI-powered expansion into Middle Eastern markets

Cadena brings a more hands-on approach to helping companies scale, especially in the Gulf region. Leveraging artificial intelligence, proprietary data, a local context, and past contacts, Cadena helps companies expand into the Middle East, Asia, and North African Markets. Cadena has a network of local sales professionals who are on the ground, and readily available to initiate conversations about the company’s solution with local prospects. With tools like Discovery Portal, BuyBeacon, and IntelliConnect, global companies can design their expansion plans into the Gulf region with more precision or provide their local sales teams with the tools they need to properly discover, engage, and close prospects.

Partnerstack (Canada): Boosting sales through a global partner network

Partnerstack takes a different approach to it by providing businesses with a network of independent salespeople whose interest it is to recommend that company’s products to their leads which in turn gets them a percentage of the sale. Partnerstack has a global distributed network of salespeople, which they prefer to call ‘partners’, that do the job of B2B selling for your business; they provide the software that powers the analytics and referral system needed to make it work, and automate tasks like payments to keep the process flowing smoothly. With Partnerstack, companies can tap into networks of affiliated publishers, content creators, and influencers that drive traffic to their marketing funnels, referral partners who refer leads directly, and reseller agencies and independent vendors who will resell the company’s products as part of their own sales process.

Hodi (Kenya): Remote sales mastery with dedicated CRM support

When you completely need to take the stress of sales off your chest and have a remote team do that for you, then you can call in Hodi. Hodi provides the sales development representatives (SDRs) and Hodi’s own CRM and helps businesses manage their sales processes remotely. They test multiple channels, messages, scripts, and assign dedicated reps and an account manager to ensure that the right leads are found, nurtured and closed. Companies also have control over the choice of leads and data, and can analyse, and export the information generated on the Hodi platform or sync them directly to their own CRMs.

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