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Cairo Fintech Startups Serve B2B Segment

Cairo, a city rich with millennia of history, is now carving a modern-day legacy in the fintech realm. The rapidly evolving financial technology sector in Egypt’s sprawling capital is defined by innovative startups focusing on bridging gaps, ensuring inclusivity, and facilitating seamless transactions. Particularly noteworthy are the B2B startups, which are providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses, merchants, and other institutions, laying the foundation for a comprehensive financial infrastructure overhaul.

Khazna: Democratising Financial Access for the Underserved

As a digital financial services beacon, Khazna is on a resolute mission to extend basic banking and a suite of financial services to middle and lower-income earners in Egypt. Recognising the vast swathes of the underbanked population, Khazna’s tailored solutions are giving more than 20 million Egyptians previously overshadowed by formal banking, a chance to be part of the financial ecosystem. With a Series A funding of $38m under its belt as of March 2022, Khazna is poised to further its reach and deepen its impact.

Paymob: Powering Payments Across Continents

This digital payments juggernaut is redefining how businesses in Africa and the Middle East handle their transactions. Through its revolutionary mobile wallet technology, Paymob is enabling financial service providers to reach corners previously untouched by digital payment mechanisms. Catering to an array of businesses, from small local shops to vast enterprises, Paymob’s diverse payment infrastructure integrates bank cards, mobile wallets, QR payments, and even point-of-sale solutions for offline merchants. Their recent Series B funding of $50m in May 2022 speaks volumes about their growth trajectory and the trust vested in them.

Blnk: Revolutionising Purchase Affordability

At the intersection of fintech and consumer needs, Blnk emerges as a leader in point-of-sale financing. With a keen understanding of the Egyptian market, where a mere 4% possess credit cards, Blnk offers an alternative route. They empower consumers with financing options that bypass the traditional high-interest routes of hard money lenders. In doing so, they not only facilitate easier access to products and services but also bolster the economy by driving sales and enhancing purchasing power. Their impressive seed round funding of $12.5m in November 2022 stands testament to the potential and promise they bring to the fintech table.

Sympl: The Future of Seamless Purchasing

Pioneered by Mohamed El-Feky, Yasmine Henna, and Karim Tawfik, Sympl has positioned itself as a leading “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) trailblazer in Egypt. Aiming to cater to the 49 million bank card holders in the nation, the startup has forged influential partnerships across varied sectors. This move empowers merchants to sell products and services directly to these bank card holders via short-term, interest-free plans. Their assertive presence is further validated by a $6m seed funding in December 2021.

FlapKap: Tailored Financing for E-Commerce Ascendancy

Carving a niche in the e-commerce financial sphere, FlapKap presents a dynamic solution designed specifically for the e-commerce businesses spanning the Middle East & Africa. By proffering flexible financing avenues for inventory and ad spend coupled with actionable growth insights, they’re set to be the driving force behind e-commerce upsurge. Their vigorous fundraising rounds—a $3.6m seed round in October 2022 and a preceding $1.2m pre-seed round in March 2022—echo their soaring ambitions.

Cairo’s fintech scene, fueled by these pioneers, is undergoing a transformation, one that promises a more inclusive, accessible, and efficient financial landscape. These B2B innovators, through their relentless efforts, are not just enhancing the business fabric of Cairo but are setting benchmarks for fintech innovations across the globe. As Cairo gears up to be a fintech hub of the region, the city’s dynamic drive and these startups’ groundbreaking solutions are sure to pave the way for a brighter, financially inclusive future

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