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Carbon Farming: Harnessing Agricultural Practices for Carbon Sequestration

By David Armaah

One of the most promising fields in agriculture is Carbon Farming which is gaining traction as a powerful method to separate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in the soil. This approach not only helps mitigate climate change but also enhances soil health and agricultural productivity, offering a win-win scenario for farmers and the environment.

What is Carbon Farming?

Carbon farming encompasses a range of agricultural practices designed to enhance the capture and storage of atmospheric carbon in plant material and soils. The core idea is to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO₂), a significant greenhouse gas, into organic carbon through photosynthesis and then store it in soil organic matter. Key practices in carbon farming include:

  • Cover Cropping: Growing cover crops during off-seasons to protect and enrich the soil.
  • Reduced Tillage: Minimising soil disturbance to preserve soil structure and increase carbon retention.
  • Agroforestry: Integrating trees and shrubs into crop and livestock systems to sequester carbon.
  • Composting: Adding organic matter to soils to boost microbial activity and carbon storage.
  • Rotational Grazing: Managing livestock grazing patterns to enhance pasture growth and soil health.

These practices not only separate carbon but also improve soil fertility, water retention, and biodiversity, making farms more resilient to climate change.

Here are examples of startups that are making significant strides in carbon farming: 

Locus Agricultural Solutions:
Locus Agricultural Solutions is a company that specialises in microbial soil amendments that enhance plant growth and increase soil carbon sequestration. For example; the development of their product, Rhizolizer®, a microbial soil amendment that boosts carbon sequestration. Their proprietary microbial formulations promote healthy soil microbiomes and improve crop productivity. 
Location: USA, Senior Vice President: Kade Haas

Propagate: Propagate focuses on agroforestry, integrating trees and shrubs into agricultural systems to sequester carbon and improve land productivity. They provide end-to-end services for planning, financing, and implementing agroforestry projects.
Location: USA  CEO/Founder: Ethan Steinberg

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