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Collision Conference 2024: Fuelling Innovation in Toronto

By Molly Ernst

Last week, Toronto transformed into a tech utopia with Collision Conference 2024. The FutureList Innovation Ecosystem managers and our parent company, SandTech, teamed up to make a splash. Here’s a quick dive into our action-packed week! 

Booth Buzz
Our booth was a magnet for innovators. With live demos and dynamic chats, we highlighted how Our Innovation Ecosystem team and SandTech are leading the charge in tech. The connections we made were electric, setting the stage for future collaborations.

Mentor Hours: Guiding the Next Wave
Mentorship is key to nurturing innovation. We hosted mentor hours offering guidance to budding entrepreneurs on leadership and customer engagement. These sessions were a reminder that tech thrives on shared knowledge and community support. 

Masterclass: How to Evolve your Tech Strategy for Future Rounds
Our masterclass was a standout event, offering deep dives into the latest AI tech trends. SandTech’s expert, George Ionita, provided effective IT strategies that startups can use to quickly develop and launch MVPs that pave the way for future investment. Missed it? Find us at our next event here:

Innovators Happy Hour: Cheers to Collaboration
The exclusive Innovators Happy Hour was the perfect wrap-up. It wasn’t just networking; it was a celebration of ideas and partnerships over good drinks and great conversations. The energy was contagious, and the ideas flowed freely.

The Power of Partnerships
Collision 2024 underscored the importance of partnerships and supporting startups. Our Innovation Ecosystem team and’s collaboration shone brightly, demonstrating that when we join forces, we can drive greater innovation and growth. Supporting startups isn’t just about funding; it’s about mentorship, shared resources, and fostering a community where ideas can flourish.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth, joined our sessions, and shared a toast with us. Here’s to driving innovation and supporting the next generation of tech pioneers.

Until next time, Toronto! 

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