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Different Ways Culture Can be Observed In The Workplace

By Daniel Boateng

In our ongoing exploration of organisational culture, we’ve discussed the risks associated with allowing culture to passively manifest and the importance of intentionally shaping it. As we continue our journey into understanding organisational culture, it becomes imperative to explore the proactive strategies that organisations employ to observe and reinforce their cultural values. Building upon our previous discussions on the risks of passive cultural manifestation and the need for intentional shaping, this article delves into the diverse avenues through which companies actively cultivate and observe their culture. Drawing from personal experiences and observations, we uncover the myriad ways in which organisational culture manifests in daily operations.

Team Check-Ins: Regular team check-ins provide valuable opportunities for reinforcing organisational culture. These meetings serve as forums for discussing progress, addressing challenges, and aligning on goals and priorities. By incorporating discussions around culture, values, and behaviours into team check-ins, leaders can reinforce cultural norms, celebrate successes, and address any deviations or concerns.

Convenings and Retreats: Convenings and retreats offer organisations dedicated time and space to focus on culture and team dynamics. Whether it’s an annual company retreat or quarterly team-building sessions, these gatherings provide opportunities for employees to connect, collaborate, and reflect on the organisation’s culture and values. Through interactive workshops, team-building exercises, and facilitated discussions, organisations can reinforce cultural alignment and strengthen team cohesion.

Employee Recognition Programs: Employee recognition programs are powerful tools for reinforcing desired behaviours and values. By publicly acknowledging and rewarding employees who exemplify the organisation’s culture, leaders send a clear message about the importance of living the organisation’s values. Whether it’s through formal awards ceremonies, shout-outs in team meetings, or recognition on digital platforms, these programs reinforce cultural norms and inspire others to follow suit.

Leadership Development Initiatives: Leadership development programs play a crucial role in reinforcing organisational culture from the top down. By providing leaders with training and resources to effectively lead and inspire others, organisations ensure that cultural expectations are upheld at all levels. Leadership development initiatives should include modules on cultural awareness, values-based leadership, and fostering inclusive team environments.

In conclusion, reinforcing organisational culture requires a multifaceted approach that integrates culture into everyday practices and processes. Whether it’s through team check-ins, convenings and retreats, employee recognition programs, or leadership development initiatives, organisations can actively reinforce their culture and ensure alignment with their values and goals.

With these strategies in place, organisational culture becomes a living, breathing aspect of the workplace that guides behaviour, fosters collaboration, and drives organisational success.

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