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EdTech Startups Reshaping Tutoring Services in Nigeria

By Joy Uchechi Eziashi

As the digital tide engulfs Africa, Lagos state has boldly positioned itself as a trailblazer, captivating the global community’s imagination and attracting a deluge of investor interest. This dynamism extends to the realm of education technology, where Lagos stands at the vanguard of Africa’s digital transformation, fostering innovation and shaping the future of learning. Each with its innovative value proposition, these startups are driving a multifaceted transformation in the tutoring industry.

Nigenius: Smart Tutoring Hub

Nigenius smartly links teachers and learners for quality tutoring resources by providing home tutoring services to parents, STEM tutors for coding and robotics to schools, and access to quality and vetted teaching resources to educators. They utilise an intelligent virtual assistant that helps teachers anywhere in the world deliver quality teaching resources. With a partnership relationship with FlexSAF Edusoft  Limited, Nigenius is bridging the gap for educators and tutors.

Tuteria: Personalised Tutoring and Exam Prep for Kids

Tuteria helps foster academic excellence at every educational milestone through personalised tutoring. From establishing early foundations to excelling in exams, the platform connects learners with the top 1% of carefully vetted tutors. Offering comprehensive coverage across all classes, exams, and curricula, Tuteria ensures convenient learning experiences either at your home or online. The platform also offers tutoring for skills like music, photography, public speaking, languages, and computer skills.

Gradely: Data-driven Personalised Tutoring Platform

Gradely, a digital education startup, empowers parents and K-12 schools by personalising learning resources to enhance academic performance. Tailoring individual learning paths based on prior assessments, Gradely offers an initial diagnostic test for standalone learning, followed by recommended assessments and video lessons for improvement. Integration with schools allows Gradely to utilise data from homework and quizzes, ensuring more pertinent recommendations. Schools benefit by utilising Gradely for creating assessments, sharing lesson resources, conducting live classes, and digitally managing school operations. Gradely revolutionizes education through data-driven personalisation, fostering academic growth for students and streamlining school management processes.

Sabiteach: Online Tutoring Marketplace.

SabiTeach is an online tutoring platform that helps learners find and connect to trained and vetted tutors using a learning style algorithm that allows learners to search and find their preferred tutor for both online and in-person learning engagements, across every subject and every age. SabiTeach offers a marketplace that allows learners to book a teacher, buy lessons, schedule lessons, and take lessons in a simplified way.

Prepclass: Online Marketplace to Hire Tutors.

Prepclass is an online tutoring marketplace where clients hire the services of home tutors.  Prepclass offers tutor training and placement in local and foreign EdTech companies. Prepclass also provides online learning classes and home tutoring for a range of academic subjects, professional skills, language, and exam preparation.

Lagos, at the forefront of Africa’s digital evolution, showcases the potential of technology in reshaping education. With each startup contributing a unique facet to the tutoring ecosystem, they collectively exemplify the city’s commitment to fostering innovation and steering the trajectory of learning toward a brighter, tech-driven future.

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