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Electric Bikes Powering Sustainable Delivery and Transportation in East Africa

By Della Asiko

East Africa is facing a silent revolution that is reshaping the face of last-mile delivery and transportation. Electric bikes are rewriting the rules of the last-mile delivery game and redefining transportation norms in the region. In this innovation snapshot, we delve into the heart of this groundbreaking shift, exploring the profound impact of electric bikes on sustainable delivery and transportation solutions across the East African region. Electric bikes are carving a path toward more eco-friendly and efficient urban mobility. Join us as we uncover the stories of companies pioneering this electric revolution, showcasing how these bikes are changing logistics while contributing to a greener and more accessible future for East African transportation.


Zembo, Uganda’s E-mobility Solutions Company founded by Etienne Saint-Sernin and Daniel Dreher, is leading the electric revolution in East Africa with its innovative approach to last-mile delivery and transportation. By introducing state-of-the-art electric motorcycles locally assembled in Uganda, Zembo is making sustainable mobility accessible and affordable. Their electric motorcycles have an impressive estimated range of up to 200km, coupled with Zembo’s fast charging technology, reducing downtime and ensuring riders spend more time on the road. The electric motorcycles run on state-of-the-art batteries, providing riders with the utmost comfort while significantly contributing to environmental preservation by minimising CO2 emissions. Zembo’s commitment extends beyond the vehicle itself; they have established multiple charging stations across the country, allowing users to easily swap batteries and enjoy a seamless ride powered by solar energy. This strategic infrastructure aligns with Zembo’s mission to represent the epitome of an eco-friendly motorbike solution, showcasing its dedication to merging technology and sustainability in reshaping the landscape of last-mile transportation in East Africa.


Roam is a technology-driven electric mobility company reshaping last-mile transportation in East Africa, starting with Kenya. It was founded by Filip Lövström and Mikael Gånge and their focus on sustainable solutions is evident in the design and development of electric motorcycles and buses for emerging markets. With an emphasis on environmental impact, Roam’s products have the ability to offset over 90% of carbon emissions for motorcycles and 80% for electric buses, marking a significant stride in the region’s transportation sector. The company provides a holistic approach, offering supporting infrastructure, fleet management software, and after-sales services to create an ecosystem that accelerates the transition to sustainable transport in emerging markets.

Roam operates through various segments, including the Roam Air, an electric motorcycle designed in Kenya, Roam Transit for electric bus production, Roam Energy & Charging for distributing energy and charging products, and Roam Canopy, providing tailored software applications. This strategic approach maximises impact, particularly in regions where public transport vehicles are high carbon emitters and present untapped opportunities for change. Their journey stands as a testament to the transformative potential of electric mobility in addressing sustainability challenges.


eWAKA offers a comprehensive suite of services for electric cargo bikes and motorcycles. With its headquarters in Nairobi and founded by Jimmy Tune and Celeste Tchetgen Vogel, the platform’s core offerings include sales and rentals, supported by a pay-per-use charging infrastructure and advanced fleet management software. eWAKA places a strong emphasis on vehicle longevity and peak performance, providing users with comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Strategically partnering to enhance accessibility, eWAKA goes beyond conventional offerings by providing accessible financing options, ensuring that their eco-friendly transport solutions are economically viable and sustainable. This offering, catering to corporates and individuals alike, proves ideal for deliveries and commuting, contributing to a significant reduction in fuel costs by up to 50% and an impressive 90% decrease in CO2 emissions, showcasing the tangible impact of their diverse range of e-bikes. eWAKA’s electric bikes are designed for efficiency, customisation, and versatility. Beyond being environmentally friendly, these bikes come equipped with a range of smart features, ensuring a seamless and intelligent mobility experience. 

In conclusion, these three pioneering companies, Roam, eWAKA, and Zembo, stand at the forefront of East Africa’s electric mobility revolution, each contributing uniquely to the sector’s growth and sustainability. Their holistic approach, from electric motorcycles to buses and supporting infrastructure, reflects a commitment to transforming not only individual transportation but also the public transport landscape. Their focus on offsetting carbon emissions and providing tailored solutions demonstrates the potential for widespread impact. Collectively, these companies showcase the transformative power of electric mobility in addressing environmental concerns, reducing carbon footprints, and driving sustainable urban transportation in Africa. As they continue to innovate and expand their influence, these industry leaders are instrumental in shaping a future where electric mobility is a necessity for a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

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