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Enterprise-focused Extended Reality (XR) Startups

The few short years after 2020 has seen a couple of technologies go mainstream, from Blockchain and cryptocurrency to Artificial Intelligence and generative AI, the wave of new tech that is reaching mass adoption is growing daily, and with Apple’s recent announcement of the Vision Pro, Meta’s new XR focus and Google’s experiment with Project Starline, it’s not hard to tell that extended reality may be the next tech to go mainstream.

One of the best applications of XR is in the workplace as it has the potential of reducing exposure to high-risk workflows and increasing connection and togetherness. And wherever there is opportunity, there are startups. Hence, here are a few startups working on extended reality solutions for enterprise:

  • Masters of Pie: Masters of Pie is a UK-based company that develops extended reality products for defense, engineering, and manufacturing. Using their Radical software development kit, companies can directly integrate prebuilt extended reality solutions into their workflow, build and test virtual models before developing physical versions, and enhance collaboration.
  • Improbable: Improbable is a technology company that has discovered the application of extended reality in defense and has built the necessary infrastructure to support it. Using Improbable’s tech, security outfits and national departments can build synthetic environments for training, procurement, and policy design.
  • Gravity Sketch: Gravity Sketch is a design company that allows manufacturers and product developers to create sketches of their designs in 3D. Using an Oculus and Gravity Sketch’s application, design team can collaborate in real time, co-create new concepts, and have a visual feel of what the finished product will look like. Companies like Reebok, Logitech, and Ford already use Gravity Sketch’s software to build new products.
  • FundamentalVR: FundamentalVR is an extended reality surgical training platform that enables educational institutions to provide training to budding surgeons without the need to experiment on live subjects. This technology can help healthcare teams prepare and upskill to meet unprecedented demand and better equip students with the required skillsets without the errors that being a beginner is fraught with.
  • MeetingVR: MeetingVR enables long-distance collaboration for business meetings, events, learning sessions, and projects in virtual environments. It brings the feeling of physical interactivity and the flexibility of online meetings together through its platforms. Companies that already use MeetingVR’s solutions include VMWare and Stanford.

There are a lot of innovations in the extended reality space with multiple companies finding the right use case and building out the needed solutions. As hardware and software designed specifically for spatial computing accelerate, enterprise users can see an overall improvement in collaboration across multiple workflows using extended reality.

By Precious Aleaji, Enterprise Analyst

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