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How Data-Driven Farming is Solving Growers Problems in Los Angeles.

by David Armaah

Los Angeles agtech startups are emerging as beacons of data-driven farming. Startups in L.A are empowering growers with real-time updates and insights into future trends, market demands, and weather patterns. They are doing this by being armed with data and technology – an inevitable component of the future of farming. The application of Predictive Analysis, Robotics, AI and Precision Agriculture are all engineered methods that empower farmers to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately improve the overall productivity and sustainability of their farming practices.

We shine the spotlight on some startups taking this data-driven journey to help the needs of growers and ultimately solve problems

Opti-Harvest is an agricultural innovation company with a mission to help farmers and commercial growers optimise sunlight usage to increase marketable yield, improve water use efficiency, reduce labour costs, and mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

Their agriculture technology (Opti-Filter™) and precision farming (Opti-View™) platforms, enable commercial growers and home gardeners to harness, optimise and better utilise sunlight. Their sustainable agricultural technology solutions are also powered by the sun, maximising a free and renewable resource with no need for additional chemicals, fertilisers or labour.

Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development (SEED) is a company that focuses on sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem development and offers innovative products that help small-scale farmers and anyone growing on small sites assess their site management strategies to grow more, remediate contamination, and gain access to the voluntary carbon credit market.

Their handheld SEED Radicle™ soil carbon sensor revolutionises soil health analysis providing data and their SEED Small Plot Kit™ is a demonstration system that delivers sensor-driven, solar-powered precision irrigation.

UAV-IQ, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intelligence is an agtech company that leverages experience in large-scale drone operations and precision agriculture to develop and scale solutions for growers.

Their Aerial Biocontrol Service allows for the release of beneficial insects and mites precisely when and where they are needed to suppress pests. This service offers several benefits, including reduced labour demand, uniform distribution, and the ability to treat challenging terrain. UAV-IQ’s Aerial Biocontrol Service benefits crops such as strawberries, almonds, hemp, raspberries, grapes, and stone fruits.

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