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How Innovation Scouts Help Scale Innovative Technologies

The FutureList is embarking on a journey to expand its global influence through its Innovation Scout Program. Building on the ongoing work of its core research team, the Innovation Scout Program empowers individuals to help identify and profile innovative tech companies based in cities around the world and plug them into a global network of investors and partners to scale their solutions faster. Chris Suzdak, the Director of The FutureList, discusses the opportunities and responsibilities involved in this exciting initiative.

The FutureList: How does The FutureList plan to identify and scale innovation globally through the Innovation Scout network?

Chris Suzdak: The Innovation Scout network builds upon our existing research process, partnering with part-time volunteers to pinpoint early-stage and growth-stage tech companies across global tech hubs. By conducting interviews, creating comprehensive profiles and innovation reports, and facilitating introductions with investors and partners, our scouts are positioned to play a vital role in amplifying innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges such as climate change and rapid urbanisation, and creating opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The FutureList: Can you explain the transition from using a core research team to also introducing the Innovation Scouts, and how this expands your reach?

Chris Suzdak: While our research analysts continue to play an instrumental role in our operations, the Innovation Scout program represents a more expansive approach. It’s designed to be more hands-on, interactive, and engaged in the tech community at both a local and global level. We have already profiled over 6,000 entities via our research team. However, through local interviews, networking, and exclusive events, we aim to create a richer ecosystem that connects innovative companies with potential growth partners at an even larger scale.

The FutureList: What are the key responsibilities of an Innovation Scout, especially regarding interviews, company profiling, and partner connections?

Chris Suzdak: Innovation Scouts identify promising tech startups in their city or sector of focus, and engage with founders through interviews and other desk research. They create comprehensive company profiles, publish innovation memos on our online platform, and actively connect profiled companies with relevant investors and growth partners. This process ensures a more personalised and targeted approach to nurturing innovation. They do all of this with the support of our platform and research team.

The FutureList: How will exclusive events enhance the Innovation Scout Program’s impact on networking and technology discussions?

Chris Suzdak: Our exclusive events serve as vital hubs for networking and knowledge sharing. Bringing together founders, tech executives, and special guests, events foster interactive discussions on technology and innovation. Featured companies will also have the chance to connect at larger regional and global events, enhancing visibility and fostering opportunities for collaboration.

The FutureList: What are the expectations from the Innovation Scout Program?

Chris Suzdak: We anticipate that the growth of our Innovation Scout Program will become a catalyst for deeper engagement with the global tech community. In the initial stages, our focus will be on nurturing this network, connecting scouts with the tools and insights they need, and developing robust relationships with innovative companies and partners.

The FutureList: How can potential Innovation Scouts prepare for this role, considering its responsibilities?

Chris Suzdak: While the role builds on our established practices, potential Innovation Scouts should be prepared for a more immersive and hands-on experience. Emphasising strong research, communication, and networking skills, and a passion for technology, will be key. Participants should also be open to continuous learning and engaging with an ever-evolving global tech landscape.

The FutureList: How do you envision the future of the Innovation Scout Program and its potential impact on the global tech ecosystem?

Chris Suzdak: The Innovation Scout Program is poised to become a cornerstone of our global outreach. By aligning tech enthusiasts, professionals, and students with our mission, we aim to foster a network that not only identifies innovation but actively scales it. The future holds the promise of interconnected tech hubs, greater visibility for innovators, and a more vibrant and collaborative global tech ecosystem.

Chris Suzdak’s insights offer a comprehensive understanding of The FutureList’s ambitious Innovation Scout Program. By building on existing research practices and introducing novel networking and profiling activities, the initiative represents a significant step toward a more interconnected and vibrant global tech community. For those eager to shape the future of technology, the Innovation Scout Program presents a unique and thrilling opportunity. Apply here.

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