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Innovations in 3D Printing

by Eric Kamande

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, 3D printing stands as a beacon of innovation, redefining the possibilities of modern manufacturing. As we navigate the complexities of 2023, this transformative sector not only captures our imagination but also fuels advancements that reverberate across industries. From groundbreaking materials to life-changing applications, trends in 3D printing are shaping the way we build, create, and heal.

This week, we spotlight two companies that are driving innovation in the sector:

Azul 3D:

Based in Illinois, Azul 3D is at the forefront of 3D printing innovation. Led by CEO John Hartner, the company is recognised for its proprietary High-Area Rapid Printing (HARP) technology, utilising UV light to create precise and thermally controlled objects from liquid plastic.

Azul 3D’s HARP technology can produce specialised electronic components and custom devices with unmatched efficiency. The LAKE 3D printer, employing HARP technology, offers significant build volume and rapid printing, providing compatibility with a diverse range of materials. From rubber to high-temperature ceramics, Azul 3D’s versatility caters to various sectors, including consumer goods, automotive, and industrial tooling.


BioSapien, a New York-based biotech company led by CEO and co-founder Dr. Khatija Ali, is revolutionising cancer treatment. The company’s flagship product, MediChip™, is a 3D-printed biodegradable mesh chip designed to deliver cancer drugs directly to tumour sites, minimising side effects. MediChip™ is a game-changer in cancer treatment, providing precise administration of FDA-approved drugs in a localized and sustained manner. The pre-clinical research demonstrates its potential to mitigate systemic side effects compared to traditional chemotherapy. With applications in pancreatic cancer and other indications, MediChip™ offers a promising solution to improve patient care and quality of life.


As we witness the convergence of precision, innovation, and healthcare applications in 3D printing, the future holds tremendous promise. The sector’s trajectory suggests a continued fusion of materials science, precision engineering, and healthcare solutions. From personalised medical devices to sustainable manufacturing practices, 3D printing is poised to redefine our world, one layer at a time. The transformative potential of 3D printing in 2023, showcased by pioneers like Azul 3D and BioSapien, is both exciting and limitless.

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