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Q&A with Mehmet Umut Ermeç, the Co-founder and CEO of tiplay

By Solomon Elekwa

The gaming industry has evolved into a vast and multifaceted ecosystem, expanding beyond traditional boundaries to encompass a diverse array of game development, esports tournaments, vibrant communities, and innovative studios. With a global player base projected to reach nearly 3.8 billion by 2030, the industry stands at the forefront of technological advancement and creative innovation. This growth has not only transformed gaming into a mainstream form of entertainment but has also created a dynamic landscape that fosters talent, inclusivity, and continuous evolution. As the ecosystem continues to grow, companies like tiplay play a pivotal role in shaping its future.

tiplay is a Turkish game production ecosystem that makes fun action games for mobile, PC/Console, and cars. The company is building a powerhouse with multiple studios operating on different platforms, internal technologies, as well as accelerator and apprenticeship programs.

In this exclusive Q&A session, we caught up with Mehmet Umut Ermeç, the Co-founder and CEO of tiplay, to learn more about his company’s disruptive innovation and the future it envisions for gaming worldwide.

The FutureList: Can you provide an overview of your company, its innovation, and product offerings?

Mehmet: tiplay is a powerhouse that makes fun action games for mobile, PC/Console, and cars. We are building the leading game production ecosystem with multiple studios operating in different platforms, internal technologies, as well as accelerator and apprenticeship programs.
Our primary innovation lies in our ecosystem-focused production structure including internal studios, accelerators and apprenticeship programs. Other important unique innovation aspects include multiplatform game development, particularly through our unique approach to mobile, instant, and in-car games, exemplified by successful titles like “Diver Hero,” “Car Restoration 3D.”
Our diverse portfolio is driven by our dedication to creating engaging, action-packed games that resonate with a wide audience across different platforms.

The FutureList: What unique features or approaches does tiplay introduce to gaming and how does it set itself apart in the market?

Mehmet: tiplay differentiates itself with an innovative talent acquisition strategy through its apprenticeship program and the oFON accelerator program. We are also utilising multiple internal studios to create diverse communities within our production cycle. Our multi-studio approach allows for a diverse game portfolio across mobile, instant, and PC/console platforms, including unique in-car games for BMW.
tiplay also boasts proprietary tools for game development efficiency, including the Online WorkSpace (OWS), tiPack, and tiBug, enhancing collaboration and bug management. These strategies, coupled with strong global partnerships, set tiplay apart in the competitive gaming market.

The FutureList: What are some challenges you have faced in your journey so far or are still facing and how are you tackling them?

Mehmet: In our journey, we have navigated through several challenges, including talent scarcity, regulatory complexities, and financial uncertainties. To combat some of these, like talent scarcity, we implemented an Apprenticeship Program and focused on internal talent development, which has become a cornerstone for nurturing and securing skilled professionals. The company has also addressed regulatory and legal hurdles by strategically expanding into multiple companies within a holding scheme, which offers flexibility and compliance across different jurisdictions. In response to financial instability, particularly in volatile markets, we are diversifying our game portfolio. This diversification across mobile, instant, in-car, and PC/console platforms not only mitigates risk but also opens new revenue streams, ensuring the company’s resilience and sustainable growth.

The FutureList: Understanding the challenges of entering a new market, what is your future expansion outlook, and how do you plan to grow your presence in the global market?

Mehmet: tiplay’s future expansion outlook is ambitiously global, with plans to grow its presence significantly on the international stage. The studio is set to open new studios in Germany and Qatar, laying the groundwork for further expansion into potentially lucrative markets like the United States and East Asia. This strategic geographic diversification aims to harness local talents, cater to diverse gaming cultures, and tap into various gaming ecosystems, thereby solidifying tiplay’s status as a global game development powerhouse. This approach not only broadens tiplay’s market reach but also aligns with its vision to become a leading game production ecosystem, leveraging Turkey’s rich gaming talent pool while expanding its operational and creative footprint worldwide.

The FutureList: Can you discuss a significant collaboration or partnership that has contributed to tiplay’s growth?

Mehmet: tiplay’s partnership with Rollic/Zynga has been instrumental in their remarkable growth, particularly through the oFON accelerator program. This collaboration has led to over 80 million total downloads, with oFON itself contributing to more than 50 million of these. Operated by tiplay and powered by Rollic/Zynga, the program underscores a successful model for co-publishing and has served as a proof of concept for future accelerators, enabling tiplay to receive a significant profit share and bolstering its position in the gaming industry. Having produced many game hits, this partnership exemplifies how strategic alliances can lead to exponential growth and innovation in the gaming sector.

The FutureList: Are there any specific technology trends or advancements you are closely monitoring for potential integration?

Mehmet: tiplay is keenly monitoring advancements in game production intelligence and gametech, leveraging its cutting-edge proprietary tools and analytics to optimise game development processes and enhance player engagement. The studio is also exploring hybrid-genre multiplatform games integrated with live ops capabilities, aiming to provide seamless gaming experiences across devices while ensuring continuous content updates and player interaction. In-car gaming represents a novel frontier for tiplay as well, focusing on creating unique gaming experiences for automotive environments, and collaborating with partners like AirConsole/BMW to innovate in this emerging space.

The FutureList: Considering tiplay’s future growth and development, what are the key milestones you aim to achieve in the next few years?

Mehmet: tiplay’s vision for the next few years is centred around ambitious milestones aimed at propelling its growth and solidifying its position in the global gaming industry. In the first year, tiplay plans to establish its first “forever franchise” by generating multiple multiplatform IPs across diverse platforms, setting the stage for a series of scalable and enduring game series. By the second year, the focus shifts towards becoming a global company, harnessing top talent worldwide. The third year aims for a significant revenue milestone of generating $100 million, with aspirations of becoming a unicorn through the diversification of game titles, platforms, and genres. In the fourth year, tiplay envisions becoming one of the top gaming companies globally, attracting top talent with its culture, vision, and success. By the fifth year, tiplay aims to extend its success to other parts of the entertainment and media industries through partnerships, innovations, and technological advancements, thus achieving a holistic and influential presence across the entertainment landscape.

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