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Q&A with Santiago Moncada: Discussing RaschGo and their technology

By David Armaah

Santiago is the CEO & Co-Founder of RaschGo. He is also a lawyer and international business administrator, with a special interest in private, corporate, commercial, and international business law as well as corporate finance, foreign trade, and business strategy.

This Q&A session dives into his startup RaschGo in New York, USA – learning about their technology and how they are building the next generation of restaurant apps.

Q: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind RaschGo and what drove you to create a next-generation restaurant app? 

A: With my Co-founder, we have a chain of restaurants in Colombia for which we have suffered both as consumers and restaurateurs from the deficiencies of the current market players. After analysing the trends, characteristics, and features of cosmopolitan markets such as New York, Chicago, Paris, Dubai or London, we realised two major pains, First; the existence of an unsatisfied and unattended consumer, whose needs were not covered by the existing supply and that, on the contrary, generated higher costs, loss of time while delivering lower quality products, and Second; fundamental partners such as restaurants, which although they are the main input of the market, do not obtain real profitability from these transactions due to the high commission costs. This is aggravated by not being able to build loyalty among consumers who currently buy from them through the platforms, resulting in empty stores and great difficulty in increasing their sales. 

Considering the above, our goal was to restore the balance to the cost-benefit relationship for both the consumer and the associated businesses and thus make a fairer, more efficient, and prosperous market in favour of all participants.

Q: How does RaschGo differentiate itself from existing food ordering and delivery platforms regarding technology and user experience?

A: RaschGo represents the revolution that the market needs and is focused on 3 fundamental pillars: 

  • Immersive and quality user experience: RaschGo is a consumer platform designed and focused on the consumer who is moving within the city. They can always receive their purchases in the best possible quality at the moment they arrive at the store without unnecessary additional manipulations. Therefore, we seek to improve the experience of the user, eliminating the costs of home delivery, lines, and waiting times, allowing the user to choose products that will receive a higher quality and freshness. This is through immersive and dynamic content based on the time and mode of movement of the user in the city. 
  • Fair and virtuous commerce for our business partners: By transforming the market dynamics, RaschGo reduces transaction fees by more than 50%, generating a fairer commerce with our partners and we seek to return the consumer to the business to generate a virtuous circle that allows us to build consumer loyalty and increase business sales.


Q: What key technological innovations does RaschGo employ to streamline the ordering and purchasing process for customers and restaurants/stores?

A: RaschGo, with the creation of a mixture of content and commerce platforms, employs a series of key technological innovations to optimise the ordering and purchasing process for both users and restaurants. The platform captures and tracks users’ real-time location and calculates the transit time to their destination, ensuring that dishes are ready and fresh for consumption at customer arrival time. With a focus on “dine-in” and “takeaway” modes of consumption, RaschGo integrates with the POS systems for efficient order transmission and inventory updates. Additionally, the RaschGo platform provides a constant update of tracking the orders for the restaurant to optimise and deliver on time at customer arrival.  

A distinctive feature of the RaschGo platform is its integrated content and e-commerce marketplace that brings customers the recommendations and profiles of high influencers while allowing the consumers to place orders directly from the recommended dishes. This not only enhances the customer experience by offering tried and recommended options but also fosters interaction and participation within the user community.

Q: What has been your market impact so far – in terms of numbers & storytelling?

A: RaschGo has had a great reception in the concept tests that we have done in the MVP cities. In those cities, we have both the final consumer and the restaurants providing a real and effective solution to their needs. It is worth mentioning the great interest that RaschGo has generated from different governments that see RaschGo as a dynamic player in the local economy. In effect, we have reached alliances and agreements with 7 different city governments in the United States, European Union, and MENA for the implementation of RaschGo.

Q: Could you discuss any challenges or obstacles RaschGo has faced in implementing its technology, and how the company has worked to overcome them?

A: RaschGo, like many technology companies, has faced a series of challenges in implementing its technology. One of the main obstacles has been the need to adapt quickly to a market in constant change and technological evolution. This implies being aware of the latest trends and best practices in software development, data management, and cybersecurity, among other aspects.

Additionally, being an emerging company, we have had to overcome challenges related to identifying and selecting suitable technologies for our product. Choosing the most advanced and appropriate technologies for our specific needs has required a thorough research process and careful evaluation of the options available in the market.

To overcome these challenges, RaschGo has adopted a proactive, solution-oriented approach. This includes continuous investment in research and development, establishing strong networks in the industry, and recruiting a talented and diverse team. Furthermore, we have prioritised flexibility and adaptability in our business approach, enabling us to respond quickly to market changes and customer needs.

Q: Looking ahead, what future developments or innovations can we expect from RaschGo as it continues to evolve in the dynamic landscape of technology and food services?

A: As RaschGo continues to evolve, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological and service innovation. In the near term, we are excited to introduce an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionise the immersive consumer experience, making every interaction with our platform more personalised and engaging. Looking further ahead, we plan to explore the development of physical consumption stations strategically located in transit systems, offering unparalleled convenience to our users. Additionally, our venture into robotics aims to redefine in-store service, ensuring that every meal is prepared and delivered with the utmost quality and care. These initiatives underscore our dedication to enhancing the food service ecosystem, always with an eye toward sustainability, efficiency, and the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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