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Sun, Sensors & Sustainability in San Diego

San Diego, a radiant city renowned for its perpetual sunshine, is now harnessing the power of innovation to create smarter, more energy-efficient buildings. San Diego’s sustainable transformation is concentrated on energy monitoring within structures, utilising IoT technology to track energy consumption. From real-time data analytics to cutting-edge sensors, these advancements allow for a precise measurement of utility usage, ensuring that every watt is optimised for sustainability. 

In our exploration of San Diego’s strides in energy-efficient building technology, we turn our spotlight to three companies pioneering this move: Energy311, Conectric Networks and Energy Cloud.

Energy311: Monetising rooftops with smart solar solutions

Energy311 is on a mission to transform the way we think about commercial property rooftops. In a city filled with potential yet untapped solar power, they have devised a brilliant billing solution that empowers property owners to monetise their clean energy production. By providing a seamless billing solution that enables property owners to sell their excess clean energy to the very tenants who pay the energy bills, they’re unlocking a win-win scenario. Property owners not only contribute to a greener future but also create a brand-new revenue stream from their previously dormant rooftops.

Conectric Networks: Elevating buildings with wireless IoT brilliance

Conectric is at the forefront of the IoT revolution, introducing groundbreaking wireless technology that transforms buildings, machinery, and equipment into data-rich assets. They have developed a unique system that seamlessly integrates easily retrofittable battery-powered sensors. Their solution is a game-changer, delivering near real-time environmental and energy data from existing assets. Conectric’s wireless networks are incredibly scalable, supporting vast numbers of data points without the need for complex retrofits or IT network integration. Conectric sensor networks can be introduced into existing assets without altering systems or relying on cloud connections.

Energy Cloud: Driving efficiency with the innovative gMeter platform

Energy Cloud is leading the charge in the clean-tech sector, with a steadfast commitment to enhancing energy efficiency. Their innovative gMeter platform empowers businesses, government entities, and consumers to not only conserve but effectively manage their energy, water, and gas usage. In collaboration with their authorized partners, Energy Cloud excels at pinpointing and eliminating energy waste using the gMeter platform which is known for delivering a remarkable return on investment, often within a mere three years. Energy Cloud is determined to put an end to this inefficiency, revolutionising how we consume energy and ultimately saving money while doing so.

These companies in San Diego represent just a glimpse into the city’s rapidly evolving landscape of climate tech innovation. San Diego’s comprehensive approach to combating climate change, spanning renewable energy, real-time IoT connectivity, and energy efficiency, underscores its unwavering commitment to thriving in spite of the climate crisis.

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