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Sydney's Energy and Climate Sustainability Startups


Sydney is experiencing a notable shift in its approach to climate responsibility, marked by a growing emphasis on environmental consciousness. As the urgency to tackle climate change intensifies, organisations are turning to energy tracing as a powerful tool for monitoring and reducing their environmental footprint. This exploration of Sydney’s evolving energy landscape focuses on three forward-thinking companies leading the charge in energy tracing. Through innovative practices, these companies exemplify a commitment to sustainability in line with the city’s goals, showcasing how technology bolsters our efforts to preserve the planet.

Enosi’s platform, Powertracer, is revolutionising the global energy landscape by providing 24/7 traceability of carbon-free energy from its source to the consumer’s socket. This innovative solution caters not only to large enterprises but also aims to democratise access to clean energy for households and businesses worldwide. By leveraging smart metering data, Enosi orchestrates the tracing, matching, and settlement of energy production and consumption. Users who sign up with Enosi gain access to offers from various solar or wind generators. They can monitor when each supplier delivers energy and track their cost savings from dealing directly with the generators. Enosi’s meticulous matching ensures that each unit of energy produced by their generators perfectly aligns with each unit consumed by their customers, effectively optimising the clean energy transition while mitigating climate impact.

Discover Energy, an Australian-owned enterprise driven by a team of innovators and tech enthusiasts, is reshaping the conventional energy supply chain. With a strong commitment to making a meaningful environmental impact, they strive to curtail daily emissions by merging green energy practices with empowering consumers to redistribute their energy surplus back into the grid. At the core of Discover Energy’s initiatives lies their intelligent cloud-based system, a robust platform designed to facilitate smart and efficient electricity management. This innovative system not only empowers users to handle their electricity usage effectively but also aids in reducing carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.

Ecologic is a socially driven enterprise situated within EnergyLab, Sydney’s focal point for energy and climate innovation. It operates with a purpose-driven mission to expedite the integration of climate solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, world-class scientific knowledge, and robust big data analytics, Ecologic is at the forefront of accelerating the adoption of climate-friendly solutions. Their distinctive web platform stands as a testament to their innovative approach. It facilitates the swift identification, comprehensive assessment, and effective deployment of customised energy and climate solutions for both residential and commercial settings, all on a significant scale. Through this platform, Ecologic aims to drive widespread adoption of tailored solutions for a greener and more sustainable future.

Innovation Insights

The utilisation of smart metering data enables precise tracing, matching, and settlement of energy, empowering consumers to access cleaner, more affordable energy directly from solar and wind farms. Meanwhile, enabling users to redistribute surplus energy into the grid, capitalising on a cloud-based platform for intelligent energy management minimises carbon emissions. This innovative model not only allows efficient energy utilisation but also encourages green energy usage. Additionally, integration of cutting-edge science, big data analytics, and advanced web technology to a unique platform streamlines the identification, assessment, and implementation of tailored climate solutions on a large scale. These practices collectively signify a shift towards a sustainable future, blending direct renewable energy sourcing, intelligent energy management, and scalable deployment of climate-friendly solutions for homes and businesses across Sydney’s energy landscape.


Through their distinctive approaches, these companies have redefined how energy is sourced, managed, and distributed. Together, these innovative practices underscore a collective commitment to environmental stewardship and lay the groundwork for a greener, more sustainable energy landscape in Sydney and beyond. As these companies continue to lead the charge, their efforts promise a brighter and more eco-conscious future for the energy sector, contributing significantly to the global fight against climate change.

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