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Tech Innovations Transforming Waste Management in Africa

By Della Asiko

Waste management in Africa poses significant challenges amidst rapid urbanisation and population growth. With over 2 billion people expected to inhabit the continent by 2050, efficient waste management solutions are essential to mitigate environmental degradation and public health risks. Currently, Africa generates approximately 239 million tons of waste annually, with only a fraction of it properly managed. However, through these challenges, technological innovations across the continent are revolutionising traditional waste management practices. In this innovation snapshot, we’ll explore how these technologies are reshaping waste management in Africa, driving progress towards a cleaner, greener future for all.



Founded in 2019 by Gift Lubele and headquartered in Johannesburg, Kudoti is revolutionising waste management through its digital platform which optimises circular economy operations by tracking the journey of products, materials, and resources from source to end destination. The platform facilitates recycling, return, and refurbishment of products, promoting the reuse of materials. Kudoti’s technology offers digital solutions tailored for the waste management and recycling industries, fostering optimisation and efficiency. With universal access to its circular economy network, Kudoti enables seamless interaction between entities seeking to trade recyclable materials. The platform promotes direct collaboration, real-time matching of supply and demand for recyclable waste, and identification of investment opportunities, making recycling convenient, rewarding, and profitable. Kudoti’s highly scalable technology platform enhances the sustainability and effectiveness of waste management processes by integrating existing supply chains and extending the network to new participants.



Bekia is an Egyptian company founded in 2017 by Alaa Afifi that introduces a novel approach to waste management, empowering individuals and businesses to monetise their daily waste through an innovative app. Available via mobile app and web platform, Bekia offers users a convenient means to profit from their waste disposal while ensuring environmentally responsible practices. With over 400 types of valuable waste to choose from, users can easily select and weigh their waste to determine its monetary value. Bekia then facilitates waste collection and rewards users with cash through its e-wallet system, enabling withdrawal anywhere. Once collected, the waste undergoes careful processing: plastics and paper are sold to recycling factories, e-waste is managed by in-house technicians and resold post-reconditioning, while used cooking oil finds a market through collaboration with another startup. This holistic approach not only incentivises waste reduction but also promotes sustainable waste management practices, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.



RecyclePoints revolutionises waste recycling with its innovative incentive-based program, encouraging individuals to adopt sustainable waste management practices. Through its scheme, RecyclePoints collects recyclable materials from post-consumers and rewards them with valuable “Points,” which can be accumulated and redeemed for a variety of household items at the iRecycle store. Participants simply collate and separate recyclable items, then notify RecyclePoints for pickup or drop them off at designated centres. The number of RecyclePoints earned correlates with the volume of items recycled, providing tangible rewards for environmentally conscious actions. These points can be redeemed for gift vouchers at renowned stores, over-the-counter drugs at pharmacies, movie tickets, and more. RecyclePoints not only incentivises recycling but also fosters community engagement and contributes to a cleaner, greener environment. This venture operates in Nigeria and was founded in 2015 by Chioma Ukonu.

In conclusion, the innovative strides made by Kudoti, Bekia, and RecyclePoints underscore the transformative potential of technology in revolutionising waste management across Africa. Through digital platforms, these companies are reshaping traditional approaches to recycling, incentivising individuals and businesses to participate actively in sustainable practices. Together, these initiatives represent a significant step forward in addressing waste challenges, promoting environmental stewardship, and creating a cleaner, greener future for Africa.

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