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The Future of Fertilisers: Exploring Nanotechnology's Role

By David Armaah

Technology advancements around the world are being applied in many innovative ways to help growth in various sectors. One example is Nanotechnology in Precision Agriculture. Nanotechnology offers precision and efficiency in fertiliser application. As we delve into the future of fertilisers, it becomes evident that nanotechnology holds the key to sustainable agriculture through precision farming practices.


Nanotechnology in Fertilisers:

Nanotechnology involves manipulating matter at the nanoscale, typically at dimensions less than 100 nanometers. In the realm of agriculture, nanotechnology revolutionises fertilisers by enhancing nutrient delivery, improving soil health, and minimising environmental pollution.

One of the most significant advantages of nano fertilisers is their high surface area-to-volume ratio, allowing for better nutrient absorption by plants. This means that smaller quantities of nano fertilisers can achieve the same or even better results compared to conventional fertilisers. Additionally, nano fertilisers can be engineered to release nutrients gradually, ensuring sustained plant nutrition and minimising nutrient runoff, a major contributor to water pollution.

Furthermore, nanotechnology enables the targeted delivery of nutrients to specific plant tissues, optimising plant growth while reducing the risk of over-fertilisation. By precisely controlling nutrient release, nano fertilisers minimise waste and mitigate the environmental impacts associated with excessive fertiliser use, such as soil degradation and eutrophication of water bodies.


Companies Leading the Charge:

NanoYield: Nano-Yield is a nanotechnology company with a focus on precision, quality, and sustainable advancements. They aim to bring their patented nanotechnology to growers worldwide, providing tools for success through the use of nanotechnology. Their Nanoliquid™ technology delivers nutrients or crop protection more efficiently into the plant either through root or foliar uptake. 

Location: United States
Founder: Clark Bell



Aqua-Yield: Aqua-Yield is a company specialising in nanoliquid technology designed to enhance the efficiency of crop inputs for maximum yield. Their nanotechnology-based products, such as NanoPro promote early and faster plant growth, resulting in healthier crops and cost-effective returns on investment. Aqua-Yield’s nanoliquid technology works as a delivery system for crop inputs, improving the performance of liquid fertilisers and crop protection products. 

Location: United States
Founder: Clark Bell, Warren Bell

Yara International

Yara International: Yara International is a global agricultural company focused on crop nutrition and agricultural solutions. Yara utilises nanotechnology in the development of controlled-release fertilisers (CRF). These CRF formulations are engineered at the nanoscale to deliver nutrients gradually, ensuring a steady and sustained supply to crops throughout their growth stages.

Location: Norway
Svein Tore Holsether

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