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The FutureList Hosts 50 Top Tech Innovators for the Launch of The 2023 Nairobi FutureList

Photo: The FutureList hosted 50 top tech innovators for the launch of The 2023 Nairobi FutureList at the Capital Club, Nairobi.

As part of our mission to provide a space for innovative startups, tech talent and growth capital to connect, we hosted our first awards celebration in Nairobi, Kenya on 30 June 2023. The event brought together Nairobi’s top tech innovators at the Capital Club East Africa for the launch of The 2023 Nairobi FutureList. The event was a showcase of the who’s who in the tech innovation ecosystem in Nairobi, where we unveiled the Top 50 companies shaping the future.

Photo: Nairobi’s top tech innovators met to celebrate the prestigious honour of making it on to The 2023 Nairobi FutureList.

Fred Swaniker, our founder, says that one thing he’s learned during his 30 year journey of entrepreneurship is that startups need visibility. A lucky break. Someone to invest in them, mentor them, join their team, help them access customers, partner with them, open doors, or even acquire them. They cannot do it alone.

Photo: The FutureList Community and Event Director, Sydney Sam hosted a Q&A with Ken Njoroge at the launch event for The 2023 Nairobi FutureList.

The FutureList exists to create visibility for innovators from around the world. To do this, we host immersive events throughout the year. This includes private dinners where we invite top innovators within tech hubs to celebrate their progress and discuss technology trends, featuring technology experts and thought leaders. Private dinners are invite-only and free of charge for our members. 

Our first dinner in Nairobi, brought together the tech founders who are shaping the future.

The 2023 Nairobi FutureList is:

  1. Twiga Foods
  2. SunCulture
  3. iProcure
  4. Victory Farms
  5. Apollo Agriculture
  6. BURN Manufacturing
  7. M-Kopa
  8. Kukua
  9. Africa’s Talking
  10. Workpay
  11. Angaza
  12. Sendy
  13. Duhqa
  14. Jumba
  15. Pula
  16. Lami
  17. Pezesha
  18. Gridless
  19. Lipalater
  20. Kwara
  21. Power
  22. Cellulant
  23. Fingo
  24. Turaco
  25. 4G Capital
  26. mTek
  27. MYDAWA
  28. Ponea Health
  29. Ilara Health
  30. Access Afya
  31. M-Tiba
  32. Flare
  33. Africa Healthcare Network
  34. AfyaRekod
  35. Mawingu
  36. Poa Internet
  37. Wowzi
  38. Alfluence
  39. Little
  40. BasiGo
  41. OkHi
  42. Roam
  43. Lori Systems
  44. Amitruck
  45. Powered by People
  46. Mobius Motors
  47. MarketForce
  48. Copia Global
  49. Sote
  50. Kapu

Congratulations to everyone who made it onto The 2023 Nairobi FutureList and thank you to all who joined us for this prestigious event, it was an honour to host you.


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