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The Power of Data-Driven Livestock Management: Transforming Animal Agriculture

By David Armaah

The days of relying solely on visual inspections and manual record-keeping are fading away. Today, livestock management is propelled by a wealth of real-time data generated by innovative tracking devices and analytics platforms. These technologies offer farmers insights into the health, behaviour, and productivity of their animals, empowering them to make informed decisions that drive efficiency and profitability.

Data-Driven Livestock Management

Data-driven livestock management presents an innovative approach that leverages advanced technologies such as electronic ear tags, GPS tracking devices, and analytics platforms to collect and analyse real-time data on various aspects of livestock health, behaviour, and productivity.  By harnessing the power of data, farmers make informed decisions that optimise feeding regimes, detect signs of illness or distress early, and improve overall herd management. 

Companies like Allflex and Ceres Tag are leading the charge, providing farmers with the tools and insights they need to optimize animal health, enhance productivity, and promote sustainability.


Allflex: is a global leader in animal monitoring solutions and offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to monitor various aspects of livestock health and behaviour. Their advanced electronic ear tags, equipped with sensors and RFID technology, enable farmers to track individual animals with remarkable precision. Through Allflex’s monitoring systems, automated alerts can be triggered in case anomalies in any animal’s activity or behaviour are detected. Additionally, by analysing historical data on feeding behaviour and weight gain, farmers can fine-tune animal nutrition plans to ensure optimal growth and performance.

Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag: is also a pioneer in smart ear tags for livestock, based in Australia. Ceres Tag provides a comprehensive animal monitoring solution that allows users to track and monitor their animals in real-time, ensuring their safety and well-being. Through innovative sensor technology and direct-to-satellite connectivity, Ceres Tag offers insights into animal behaviour, location monitoring, and timely alerts for suspicious activity. Insights derived from Ceres Tag’s tracking data can also inform grazing management strategies that prevent overgrazing and soil degradation, preserving the long-term health and productivity of pasturelands.
CEO: David Smith Co-founder: Melita Smith

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