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Transforming Curb Space Management

In the dynamic landscape of urban mobility, managing curbsides has become a critical challenge. Balancing the diverse needs of roadway users, the rise of transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft, the surge in online shopping, and the increasing demand for curbside pickups and drop-offs have reshaped our curbs. Curbside Management, as defined by the Institute of Transportation Engineers, aims to optimise, allocate, and manage curb space to enhance mobility, safety, and access for a wide range of demands.

Traditionally, curbs were reserved for buses, taxis, deliveries, and parking. However, today’s curbs must accommodate bike lanes, ride-hail services, rapid deliveries, dockless vehicles, and more. This transformation has prompted cities and investors to prioritise software solutions for efficient curb space management. The surge in online orders and ride-hailing services underscores the growing importance of effective curb management. Delivery trucks and pick-up/drop-off activities can lead to street blockages, traffic congestion, and safety hazards. Skillful management of delivery and loading zones not only mitigates these challenges but also offers an additional revenue stream.

As cities expand rapidly, innovative companies are emerging to tackle the complexities of curbside management. This week, we shine a spotlight on two such innovators, who are transforming the curbside landscape.

Automotus: Machine vision for optimised curbs

Automotus, a Los Angeles-based company led by CEO & Co-founder Jordan Justus alongside Harris Lummis and Prajwal Kotamraju, initially launched to combat traffic congestion, has been at the forefront of pioneering Zero Emissions Delivery Zones. Automotus offers a community management platform powered by advanced machine vision technology. Their platform equips cities and universities with services encompassing parking, traffic management, and security. This technology-driven approach provides communities with enhanced financial flexibility, optimised parking management, improved traffic flow, and bolstered public safety.

Automotus achieves this by utilising cellular-enabled cameras equipped with their proprietary computer vision technology, strategically mounted onto traffic signals and streetlights in areas characterised by frequent loading and unloading activities or within zero-emissions delivery zones. Their innovative approach streamlines the often chaotic curb activities, reduces emissions, and enhances the urban environment.

AppyWay: IoT-driven smart curbside solutions

AppyWay, a London-based company founded by Daniel Hubert, is at the forefront of transforming the mobility market in the UK and beyond. The company’s innovative approach involves digitising the curb space and utilising IoT sensors to establish robust curbside demand data. They enrich this data through various sources such as payment operators, navigation and traffic solutions, mobility and last-mile operators, mobile as a service (MaaS) apps, electric vehicle and infrastructure apps, and more. Through their Mobility API, AppyWay’s solution rejuvenates high streets by addressing parking difficulties, easing congestion, reducing pollution, and improving air quality, creating smarter, cleaner, and more efficient cities.

Moreover, AppyWay has partnered with local authorities, to enhance curbside management and facilitate data-driven decisions. Their Traffic Suite and Mapper solution have enabled local councils to streamline outdated kerbside management processes, improve data accuracy, and support logistics challenges in urban areas

The realm of curbside management is evolving at a remarkable pace. Innovations like those spearheaded by Automotus and AppyWay are reshaping how we utilise curb space, offering sustainable solutions and improved efficiency. As the world embraces the future of mobility, we can expect further advancements and pioneering solutions that will continue to transform curbsides in our ever-expanding cities.

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