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Trends & Insights On The Evolution of Tech Interviews

Recruiting the right talent for your engineering team is both an art and a science. With the tech landscape evolving at breakneck speeds, how can CTOs and Engineering Team Leaders ensure they’re bringing on board the best fit? Today, we’re in conversation with George Ionita from Sand Technologies as he shares his insights on best practices during the interview process.

The FutureList: In the early stages of hiring, what should CTOs prioritise when evaluating candidates?

George Ionita, Sand Technologies: Initially, it’s about gauging technical proficiency. But equally vital is assessing cultural fit, alignment with company values, and a candidate’s adaptability to change. An engineering hire who might be perfect on paper may not necessarily gel with the team’s dynamics or the company’s ethos.

The FutureList: Can you highlight some common mistakes leaders make during the interview process?

George Ionita, Sand Technologies: Absolutely. A classic mistake is focusing solely on hard skills. While technical acumen is undeniably crucial, soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving are equally important. Another oversight is not testing for situational adaptability – how a candidate might react in specific scenarios or challenges. Lastly, a rushed or prolonged hiring process can either lead to hasty decisions or losing out on top talent to competitors.

The FutureList: With the rise of specialised recruitment firms and platforms, what should CTOs handle personally and what can be outsourced?

George Ionita, Sand Technologies: Recruitment firms are fantastic for initial candidate sourcing, especially if you’re looking for niche skills. They save time and tap into extensive networks. However, when it comes to final interviews, technical deep-dives, and culture-fit evaluations, it’s essential for the CTO or the Engineering Team Leader to be hands-on. They’re best placed to judge if the candidate aligns with the company’s tech vision and team dynamics.

The FutureList: Are there any emerging trends in engineering interviews that our readers should be aware of?

George Ionita, Sand Technologies: Definitely. Pair programming and live coding sessions are becoming popular, allowing interviewers to assess real-time problem-solving abilities. Another trend is the emphasis on ‘take-home’ projects. These projects, though time-bound, allow candidates to showcase their skills in a more relaxed environment. Lastly, there’s a growing focus on values and ethics, especially with the tech world grappling with issues of privacy, security, and societal impact.

The FutureList: Can you recommend any tools or frameworks that facilitate the interview process?

George Ionita, Sand Technologies: There are several out there. Platforms like Codility and HackerRank are excellent for coding tests. For collaborative coding sessions, tools like CodePair can be beneficial. Lever and Greenhouse are robust tools for interview tracking and candidate relationship management. For remote interviews, ensure you have a reliable video conferencing tool with features that allow for screen sharing.

The FutureList: Lastly, any advice on post-interview stages?

George Ionita, Sand Technologies: Post-interview communication is crucial. Regardless of the decision, provide timely feedback. If the candidate was impressive but not right for the current role, keep the door open for future opportunities. Also, involve the candidate in informal meetups or team interactions – it gives them a sense of the company culture and can be a decisive factor in their final decision.

The world of tech is as much about the right people as it is about the right technologies. As George Ionita aptly sums up, the hiring process is a delicate balance of technical evaluation, understanding team dynamics, and staying updated with emerging trends. With the right approach, CTOs and Engineering Team Leaders can ensure they’re equipped with a team poised for success.

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