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Workpay Unlocks African Talent Through Payroll Service

Workpay is on a mission to revolutionize workforce management in Africa, with its sights set on the future of work. CEO Paul Kimani sheds light on the company’s ambitious expansion plans, revealing their strategy to incorporate in all African countries, with over 40 already on board by the end of the year. Kimani also details Workpay’s data-driven approach to deliver valuable insights and strategic guidance, their commitment to attracting and retaining talent with competitive compensation and benefits, and their ongoing adaptation to diverse market needs and regulatory landscapes. Amidst the challenges, Workpay remains unwavering in its aspiration to drive financial inclusion and foster economic well-being across the continent.

The FutureList: Workpay aims to empower teams to hire and manage local and remote teams across Africa while staying compliant and without the hassle of local entities. How does the company plan to expand its reach and increase its market penetration in Africa? 

Paul Kimani: We are currently incorporated in 30+ African countries to support our Global payroll offering Employer of record (EoR) service for remote employees. We are on course to incorporate in over 40 countries by the end of the year to ensure that we are supporting businesses across Africa to manage talent. The goal is to incorporate in all the African countries to power payroll compliance, payments and benefits. 

The FutureList: Workpay operates at the intersection of global technology and talent in Africa. How does the company plan to leverage this unique positioning to capitalize on emerging trends and tap into new opportunities in the market?  

Paul Kimani: Our unique position allows us to leverage the data collected from HR and payroll processes to provide valuable insights and analytics to businesses. We plan to use this data to analyze workforce trends, employee performance, and payroll data, and offer actionable recommendations and strategic guidance to help businesses make informed decisions.

The FutureList: As Workpay continues to grow, what strategies does the company have in place to attract and retain top talent in the African market, particularly in areas such as software development, compliance, and finance? 

Paul Kimani: One of the main strategies to attract and retain talent that Workpay looks to continue offering is competitive compensation and attractive benefits for employees. This includes providing salaries that are in line with industry standards and offering additional benefits such as health insurance, flexible working arrangements, and professional development opportunities.

The FutureList: Scaling offerings across diverse markets in Africa can be challenging. How does Workpay plan to adapt its software platform to cater to the specific needs and regulatory requirements of different African countries and ensure a seamless user experience?

Paul Kimani: We are taking several steps to ensure our software platform is adaptable across diverse markets. From market research and localization for unique insight for each market to working with local experts for advisory to ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements in each country. Further, we have incorporated real time updates on changes in regulatory requirements to ensure that users remain compliant and enjoy a seamless user experience.

The FutureList: Workpay has undoubtedly faced challenges along its journey. Can you highlight any specific obstacles the company has overcome and the lessons learned from those experiences? 

Paul Kimani: Talent acquisition has been one of the main challenges that we have faced along the way. There is a limited pool of skilled talent which makes finding and attracting skilled talent, especially in areas such as software development, compliance, and finance difficult. However, highlighting our unique value proposition, company culture, and growth opportunities has helped us build a strong employer brand that attracts talented individuals who are aligned with our mission to transform Africa.

The FutureList: Lastly, how does Workpay envision its role in shaping the future of work in Africa? What impact does the company aspire to have on local and remote teams, talent acquisition, and compliance practices in the region? 

Paul Kimani: Our role in payroll management places us in a unique position to contribute to financial inclusion efforts. By facilitating seamless and secure payments, we envision to help African businesses provide timely and accessible financial services to employees. This will enhance financial literacy, promote savings, and contribute to the economic well-being of employees and hence their overall productivity.

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