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A Look at Doha’s Supply Chain Startups Ahead of Web Summit Qatar 2024

By Noel Oduory

In this innovation snapshot, we will take a look at some of the startups in Doha that are innovating the supply chain sector ahead of the Web Summit Qatar 2024, which is a global technology conference that will bring together thousands of leaders, thinkers, and makers from various fields and industries. We will explore three startups that are operating in the subsectors of logistics, delivery, and e-commerce, and how they are using data, artificial intelligence, and mobile platforms to create value and impact for their customers and partners. These startups are Redlogik, Snoonu, and Urban Point.

Redlogik (Agile Supply Chains)
Based in Doha, Redlogik is a logistics intelligence company that strives to bring people and technology together to build an interconnected future. Founded in 2015 by Anup Kachipreth and Salem bin Abdulla, Redlogik uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to optimise logistics operations and reduce costs.
The company is data-driven. Their platform collects and analyses data from various sources, such as sensors, GPS, RFID, and cameras, to provide real-time insights and recommendations on logistics processes, such as routing, scheduling, inventory, and delivery. They also leverage machine learning and natural language processing to automate and streamline logistics tasks, such as invoicing, reporting, and customer service. In 2023, they won the best digital startup award from the Ministry of Information and Communication, Qatar

Snoonu (Food Delivery & Online Shopping)
Snoonu is a one-stop personal concierge and delivery company that offers multiple services such as online shopping, food and grocery delivery, as well as third-party logistics services for local startups and SMEs. Founded in 2019 by Hamad Al-Hajri, Snoonu is a fully functional e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of products and services, such as groceries, electronics, fashion, and entertainment. The company’s innovation lies in its combination of offline and online services, allowing customers to order products and services from a variety of categories and merchants and track their personalised orders. Snoonu has grown rapidly and is often dubbed one of the fastest-growing Qatari tech applications.

Urban Point (Discounts)
Urban Point is a mobile marketplace that connects consumers with businesses in Doha by promoting valuable offers. Founded in 2015 by Saif Qazi and Noora Al-Mannai, Urban Point provides discount vouchers and coupons to various venues in Qatar, such as restaurants, spas, health clubs, and fun activity centres. By promoting offers such as such as “Buy One, Get One Free” deals and discounts, Urban Point helps to drive sustainability by reducing waste and carbon footprint. They were awarded Digital Start-up of the Year by Qatar’s Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2019 and named as MENA region’s fastest-growing tech start-up in 2021 by Deloitte.

The solutions highlighted not only enhance efficiency, quality, and sustainability, but also create new experiences, opportunities, and benefits for the users and stakeholders in Qatar. They are using data, artificial intelligence, and mobile platforms to create solutions that are data-driven, online and mobile, and social and environmental. As the country prepares to host the Web Summit Qatar 2024 in February, we can expect to see more innovations and collaborations in the supply chain sector and beyond.

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